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Web Weaver

Registering Your Web Site

Now you need to determine a Domain Name for your Website. You may just want to use your existing organization's name. But your Website focus may be broader or narrower than your organization name infers. In that case, look for a name that is descriptive, unique, short, and memorable. You may be able to select a domain name that really defines your site's content. You can find out which names are still available by trying your proposed domain name at the InterNIC "/whois" interface. Try the name that you'd like to use and see if it is available. You may have to try several variations until you find the right domain name.

Indexing and Advertising Your Site

There are several ways of indexing your site. You'll want to use all of these approaches, or pay your Web designer to do it for you.

Web Directories. There are hundreds of Web Directories for the Internet such as Yahoo and Google. You can visit their site and resister your home page or Domain Name with each of these. Some directories send out "spiders," automated programs, over the net at night to search for new sites and return to the directory to list their finds. Some directories are free and some charge for listings.

There are Directories of Directories listed by subject or industry.

Web Search Engines. Some directories also have a search engine that allows you to search all over the Internet and into each Website page for keywords. The Web Crawler is an example of a search engine only, no directory. You can help both search engines and "spiders" to find you by titling your pages wisely and by inserting hidden "meta names." Ask your Website Provider about coding and addressing your index page. Also, start making a list of keywords that point to your industry, type of business or organization, and finally to your unique service or product.

Links from Industry and Related Sites. You may belong to professional organizations who have Websites. Contact them to determine how to list or link your Website or participate with some visibility. Find some friends in a complementary business, profession, or even a social group who will agree to reciprocal links with your page.

Again, this is your job. If you know your industry better than your Web designer, you need to explore the Internet for yourself.

Press Releases. Send brief "press release" announcements to services which announce "what's new" on the Internet. You just might hit it lucky and have hundreds of people see the announcement and flock to your site&emdash;if you're selected for the weekly "scout report."

Print Collateral. Print your Website address or URL on all your display ads, literature, stationery, and business cards. This will attract customers to your site where they can get more in-depth information than can be economically printed.

Multi-user Groups. Subscribe to mailing lists, news groups, and chat groups likely to include potential customers. Actively involve yourself in the discussions, be helpful, and contribute what you know. Be visible but don't overtly "push" your product. Let your presence speak for you. Your "signature" at the end of your e-mail message will do the rest.

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