Kenan Doyle Branam
Media Consultant / Coach / Presenter / Producer
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Prompting Very Important Presenters

There was a time when the president, CEO, CFO, even CIO of the company was protected from common exposure, hidden behind the boardroom doors, and his or her initiatives passed down to the employees through various levels of managerial minions. Like generals in war, executives made decisions and designed strategies that were actually carried out by lesser officers sent to the front-lines of engagement.

Times and methods have changed. Now, these VIPs (Very Important Presenters) must provide visible leadership. Now, they must be able to communicate not only to the hundreds and thousands of employees, but to the media and the public at large.

VIP's show up at company conferences, attend marketing events, deliver satellite transmissions to their internationally distributed offices, and they make themselves available to the media for major announcements.

Their presence inspire and motivate the entire company's productivity and profitability. Their media announcements drive the company's stock value. Some become economic leaders who influence the public's confidence in the American Dream (or not).

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Lyndon B. Johnson
George Bush
(and Barbara)
James Baker
Ann Richards
Bob Lanier
Lee Brown
Mrs. John Connally

Arthur Andersen
Fairmont Hotels
Global Sante Fe
United Way

Dan Rather
Amy Goodman
Bill O'Reilly Factor
Michel T. Halbouty
George Foreman
Catherine Crier, CourtTV
Geraldo Rivera, CNBC
Greta Van Susteren
Lyle Lovett
Paul & Linda McCartney
Hakeem Olajuwon
Marylou Retton
Dale Robertson
Oprah Winfrey
Tommy tune