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The Houston Post (November 9, 1972)

New show to "marry" sight & sound

By Ed Swinney, Post Television Editor

What do the Moody Blues and the London Festival Orchestra have in common? Glad you asked.

First, they appeared together on an LP called "Days of Future Past" and second, said LP has been chosen to kick off a new late-night half-hour series on Channel 26 Friday.

It's called Sensatiation, a combination (more or less) of the words sense (as in sense of sight and sound) and sensation, the word that Allison Wonderland feels best describes what they're going to lay on those two senses of your's if you tune in at midnight Friday.  The sound will come over your TV monaurally, of course, but you can pick it up in stereo on KLOL-FM (101.1).

Kenan Branam, Mary-k Wilson, J. C. Allison

If you do the latter, turn the TV volume all the way down and if possible, put your hifi speakers equidistant on opposite sides of the TV for the full effects of the three elements - luminetics by Allison, lumitronics by Kenan Branam., and audiotronics by Pat Fant. Naturally, it'll be even better on a color TV set.

It's not just a light show; it's far more than that, according to Mary-k Wilson, who functions as manager and executive coordinator for Allison, who prefers to go by one name, Kreskin.

The concept revolves around the marriage of light and sound, both of which are vibratory stimulus, which makes Allison the world's only vusician (visual music). It says so right here in this press release, which further explains that Allison deals with light, just as a musician deals with sound. The results is precise control of visual shapes and actions that correspond to the music at the same rate and in the same order as the music.

Kenan Branam and J.C. Allison at Channel 26 Houston

Sensatiation is the results of nearly nine years of research and development by Allison and Branam and evolved from Allison's desire to combine his background in music and art.  He's a graphics designer from Greybull, Wyoming who went to school in Ontario, California, and plays piano, guitar and a little drums.

The long-range objective is to get into tape cassettes, with Allison's performances (and Branam's electronic manipulation of them for greater visual effects) available for purchase and use on home TV sets, much as LPs and tapes are now played on hifi sets.

Sensatiation debuts simultaneously Friday midnight also over a Lubbock FM radio and TV combo.  It's set for a 13-week run on Channel 26 here, with an option for another 13 weeks. Coming up: Blood Rock, Grand Funk and more Moody Blues.

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