Kenan Doyle Branam
Media Consultant / Coach / Presenter / Producer
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5 minute streaming video montage demo

Demo Reel
This Windows Media streaming video contains a 5 minutes music montage of footage from most of the projects listed below.

Play 30 sec clip of HISD Opening sequence

Houston Independent School District
Concept/Producer/Director for "Electrescuela," state-of-the-art computer animated logo. Original music was written and recorded by Paul English.

BFI Southeast Texas Landfill District
Producer/Director for a 13 minute orientation video for landfill employees.

Museum Director broadcast TV spot

Museum Of Fine Arts, Houston
Director and editor for "4000 Years of European Art," 13 minute fund raising video and a 60 second spot for the Brown Pavilion.

Horse TV
The Lasater family business is now known as Equestrian Vision USA. They operate the worlds largest Horse Video library (nearly 2000 and counting) for rent and sale on the Web. I just finished (7/1/2001) authoring three, two-hour DVDs of the Sydney 2001 Olympic Horse Trials which will be sold internationally on the Web.

NCS March of Dimes Team Walk

March of Dimes Foundation
Producer/Director for "WalkAmerica," documentation of the 1986 WalkAmerica teamwalk event to be shown each year in recruitment of corporate funds.

American Horse and Horseman Show Production Stills

The American Horse & Horseman Show
Director of Production and Post for "The American Horse and Horseman Show," fifteen, one-hour special interest shows syndicated in 66 cities in the U.S. starring Dale Robertson. Responsibilities included video production management, budgeting, scheduling, hiring, and post production supervision.

Siesmic activities in Chihuahua

CAASA International
Producer/Director for "CAASA," United States sales/marketing program for oil exploration videotaped on location in Mexico City, the swamps of the Yucatan, and the mountains of Chihuahua. Recorded in English and Spanish.

Scenes from Galveston

Hamilton Associates, Inc.
Concept/Director/Editor for "Galveston, Island Renaissance," seven 5 minute videos documenting Galveston's historic district renovation and the arts.

Stop N Go video stills

National Convenience Stores Inc.
Research/Producer/Director for twenty 10-60 minute programs for in-store training, sales marketing, and corporate communications: electronic register training, alcoholic beverages sales, safety training, credit card sales, accounting training, employee benefits, loss prevention, magazine marketing, gasoline, customer service, and supervision.

TV spots for Houston Retail Merchants Association

Goodwin, Dannenbaum, L & W
Director for "Shoplifting is a Crime," TV spots for Houston Retail Merchants Association Received the Silver Award in the Houston Advertising Association's Grand Prix XXII.

South Texas Project

NUS Corporation
Director for "South Texas Project, Records Management," four 10-20 minute videos for HL&P Records Management Services.
Letter Letter from NUS

Space Shuttle Columbia

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Concept/Editor for "Columbia Shuttle," a 4 minute news item set to music that aired in prime time on CBC November 13, 1981. The story was about the Canadarm LetterLetter from CBC

Electric Mouses play on KLOL Promo

KLOL FM / KVRL Channel 26, 1970s
Producer/Director for "Mother's Midnight Media Mix," first live commercial simulcast program in the United States; Commercial spots in stereo for air, locally on ABC's music simulcast: Globe Discount Records, Budget Tapes & Records, and Wild West Concerts. Play video of Channel 26 Promo produced in 1970s by Mother's Family Video Productions.

I Think, Therefore, I Am, I Think! from the Moody Blues - 1974

KVRL Channel 26
Producer/Director for "Sensatiation," 30 minute, prerecorded in stereo, music video for commercial broadcast featuring the Vusical art of Jim Allison. 1973

Illuminati Production Stills

Illuminati, Inc.
Concept Creator/Producer/Director for "Wake of Poseidon," 15 minute "concept" music video pilot for demonstration. Talent directed by Gary Chason of Houston. Presented in person to King Crimson and Genesis, on their first US tour.

Production stills for A World of Horses

The Tanbark Group
Director of studio and post for "..A World of Horses," 26, One-hour magazine shows for syndication.


SkilMatch Staffing Systems, Inc. - An IBM Business Partner
Producer/Director a 10 minute video for marketing hardware and software to temporary employment agencies.


Video Lecture Series
Director and editor for 10, two-hour videos for home marketing recorded at the 1986 United Astrologers Convention in San Diego. Also a 90 minute documentary of astrological predictions.

Kenan at Alert Advertising accepting award
Kenan Branam with first Telly Award

Telly Awards for Galveston Parks Board and Marriot Hotel spots
Telly Awards for Galveston Parks Board and Marriot Hotel spots

Board of Directors Award of Excellance 2005 Media Communications Association International
MCA-I Board of Directors Award of Excellance 2005

MCA-I Service Award for Networking Director (web guru)
MCA-I Service Award for Networking Director (web guru)

MCA-I Award for Outstanding Service as Community Listserv Chair
MCA-I Award for Outstanding Service as Community Listserv Chair

Self-Expression Center (update)

First in the Mind and Heart
a book by
Wayland Matthew Fox

Brightman Glover

Sonya Fitzpatrick
Animal Communicator


Frame House

Art by Douët

In Memoriam: Gary Aden

Jan Knight Realtor

Waterstone Lodge

Bermuda Dunes Villas