Kenan Doyle Branam
Media Consultant / Coach / Presenter / Producer
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Presentation Topic

Form is Meaning

Visual Intelligence

Now, here's something for the "futurists" in us all. The most important issue in the Information Age is the organization of information storage and retrieval. Let us "think out of the box" of 4-D and have fun exploring the latest attempts at developing metaphors that challenge the conventional computer Desktop and "librarian" metaphors.

There are self-organizing systems, time-dimensional hierarchies, and extrapolations from the Chaos Theory, System Theory, Fractals, Genetics, and even Sacred Geometry.

Just maybe, we could go beyond these ideas with a theory that there is a natural universal law for information organization! Form IS Meaning!

My presentations focus on personal experiences, both experiential and theoretical, that evolve our insights and attitudes to better understand and creatively deal with present and future challenges.

Power Point Presentation PPS Form IS Meaning (PPS)

Call 713-857-3116 or email Kenan Branam to discuss availability. Please allow enough lead time for me to become familiar with and prepare for the special interests of your group. Thank you for your attention.