Kenan Doyle Branam
Media Consultant / Coach / Presenter / Producer
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Anima, Animus by Arthur Douet

Presentation Topic

Sleeping Beauty Awakes!
Cyber Beauty Reigns!

Times change. A growing number of "Sleeping Beauty" consumers are waking up. Consumers are becoming conscious of their basic human rights not to be seduced, manipulated, controlled, attacked, and raped by distasteful, intrusive, uninvited, abusive advertising.

The Internet is not just another venue for the distribution of unsolicited, in-your-face advertising. It's a channel for truly interactive, user-centered communication.

But Cyber Beauty demands and deserves a more Meaningful Experience.

My presentations focus on personal experiences, both experiential and theoretical, that evolve our insights and attitudes to better understand and creatively deal with present and future challenges.

Web Page Information Is Power

Web Page Advertising vrs Information or "Get Outta My Face!"

Call 713-857-3116 or email Kenan Branam to discuss availability. Please allow enough lead time for me to become familiar with and prepare for the special interests of your group. Thank you for your attention.

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