Kenan Doyle Branam
Media Consultant / Coach / Presenter / Producer
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Résumé Summary

Kenan Doyle Branam

Media Consultant/Producer/Speaker/Facilitator
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As a consultant, Kenan integrates media communications objectives with an in depth understanding of personal, social, economic, and philosophical context. In workshops and seminars, Kenan focuses on specific ways, both experiential and theoretical, that we can evolve our media consciousness, insights, and attitudes to better understand and creatively deal with media and technology challenges.

Kenan's years of experience in broadcast television, retail advertising, and corporate communications provide him with knowledge in designing and producing digital media for all audiences or subject matter, whether sales and marketing, customer relations, technical training, music videos, documentaries, and now Web design and development.

Media Artist/Innovator

Kenan is first a creative person and applies his artistic skills and experience in creating the most effective approach to meeting communication objectives. Because of his love of electronic media, he continues his studies in media design, information theory, future studies, systems theory, and cognitive psychology.


In addition to his media experience, He has been a student, facilitator, and lecturer in the field of humanistic psychology since the early 1970's. He received a Mastership in Gestalt Facilitation from the Gestalt Institute of Houston with over 3300 hours of internship. His one-to-one and group facilitation experience provides him with wisdom and deep understanding of human cognition and transformation, as well as the social psychology of change and evolution.


Kenan has skills in creative team management, seminar presentation, and community building. Kenan is a confident leader and a willing team worker with technical, creative, and managerial skills including design, budgeting, and cost control. He has never missed an airdate and never disappointed the client. He has worked directly with clients: U.S. Presidents, Fortune 500 corporate executives, human resource managers, marketing department managers, technical experts, and, of course, creative professionals.

Civic Volunteer/Mentor

Kenan expresses his dedication to local and international community by maintaining leadership and mentorship in professional and social organizations such as the Media Communications Association-International (, American Society for Training and Development-Houston (ASTD) Houston Advertising Federation (, Only In Houston Initiative(, Houston Area League of Personal Computing (, and Blueprint Houston (Citizens Agenda for the Future), Center for Partnership Studies, and the World Future Society (

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