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Making Sense in the Information Age

Thought Experiment - Special Theory of the Human Experience


The human experience has been limited by language and media of communication in thinking, learning, and understanding the nature of our universe.

Now, the Internet is a technological projection of our physical nervous system. We only understand it by applying metaphors from our physical experience.

Through experiencing and reflecting, we can learn from the Web more about our selves. The Web challenges and enables us to expand our consciousness into multiple dimensions.

2005 was the 100 anniversary of Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity. I partnered with Dr. Michael Steib, mathematician, to present an entry in the 2005 Pirelli Relativity Challenge as a Visual Explanation of the Theory of Special Relativity.

Einstein's assertion is that All things are Connected:

“A human being is part of the whole called by us 'the universe,' a part limited in time and space. He thinks himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest—a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness...”

There's more. This sentence is often quoted out of context. I'll reserve the following sentences for later.


Energy= Mass times the Speed of Light squared

Special Relativity Theory is a function of three dimensions of Space plus one of Time but leads to surprises. Only the speed of light is considered constant. Space and Time warp which requires multidimensional thinking with entangling mysteries of Gravity. It's just a special case theory which leaves the Unified Field Theory to future generations. - Let's don't go there, yet.

Permit me an isomorphic spin on Einstein's formula.

In mathematics, an (in Greek isos = equal and morphe = shape) is a kind of mapping between objects.

Douglas Hofstadter provides an informal definition:

“The word isomorphism applies when two complex structures can be mapped onto each other, in such a way that to each part of one structure there is a corresponding part in the other structure, where corresponding means that the two parts play similar roles in their respective structures.” - (Gödel, Escher, Bach, p. 49)

I was so obsessed by formula that I began to think about an isomorph relating to the Medium of the Web and, consequently, made it the issue of my presentation to the Gulf Coast Mensa SynRG conference, in 2005 titled, Media Consciousness.

So, this is how it goes:

E, Energy, equates to the Human Experience.

Experience is like Energy, both which we still cannot more clearly define than as some kind of awareness. Wiki defines "Subjective Experience" this way:

"A state of individual subjectivity, perception on which one creates their own state of reality; a reality that is based on one's interaction with their environment. "

Or Webster's:

" a: direct observation of or participation in events as a basis of knowledge
b: the fact or state of having been affected by or gained knowledge through direct observation or participation."

M, Mass, equates to Medium

a function of space/time continuum and motion, isomorphic to a MEDIUM like the Medium of the Web.

Then, C, the speed of Light, equates to Consciousness

a constant , they say. Consciousness is often referred to as light as a function of human Cognition.

Let's suppose that C squared refers to Consciousness shared with other beings in some Medium of Communication. We can also use the new term of Conversation or the academic term, Connective Knowledge. Connective knowledge requires an interaction and knowledge OF the connection.

So, isomorphically speaking, the equation means this:

The Human Experience is a function of Consciousness Shared through a Medium.

Medium is defined by a function of the Experience of Shared Consciousness.

Synchronistically, I recently read David Weinberger's book, Small Pieces Loosely Joined, and discovered that he talks about ontological issues of the Web as a unified theory of the web and relates them, metaphorically or isomorphically? to the General Theory of Relativity. Eureka!

  • Things define space or place.
  • M or Medium is a function of things in space.
  • Things contain meaning

Our traditional communications media focused on the linearity of language, such as printed books, broadcast radio and television don't even provide the structure to handle our thinking in four dimensions! Even Movies presented in theatres are relatively flat. At least, DVD's are evolving to a more interactive experience.

Humans, using their full sensory tools, experience four dimensions in the real world but, cognitively speaking, think in a flat world! The Web has already challenged, hopefully, and expanded some consciousnesses.

m ~ The Web Medium

We have projected our brain's neural network, the physical structure of our mind on to the technology of the Internet. Through reflection on our creation, we become more conscious of our mental identity.

Now, let's resolve the equation for C so that it looks like this:

C2 ~ Consciousness Shared

is a function of the Experience in context of the Medium of transmission. More mysteriously, Consciousness is a function of the Square Root of Experience in relation to Medium.

Now, the rest of Einstein's quote which focuses more specifically on the social context of the human experience..and another dimension of meaning for "C":

“This delusion (of separateness and egocentricity) is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our own personal desire and to affections for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of Compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.”

e~The Human Experience

Diane Ackerman:

“There is no way in which to understand the world without first detecting it through the radar-net of our senses. A poem records emotions and moods that lie beyond normal language, that can only be patched together and hinted at metaphorically.”

The human cognitive process is multidimensional, perhaps beyond the four dimensions of time and space. There is no single first step or linear path for our logical mind to follow but a complex of many connections and relationships.

e = mc2

The Web we weave is the Story of the Human Experience. The Greatest Story Ever Told. A Story about Everything in a medium that unfolds its true nature: multi-dimensional, multi-authored, collaborative, globally accessible, never ending.

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