Kenan Doyle Branam
Media Consultant / Coach / Presenter / Producer
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Making Sense in the Information Age


“Knowledge thus exists in relationship rather than in an ‘objective’ world or in ‘subjective’ experience. In information theory, ‘information’ is defined in terms of a ‘relationship’ between an input and a receiving devise. A book contains no information for someone who can't read.” - The Holographic Model - John R. Battista

I had early insight into the evolutionary effect that both television and the World Wide Web would have on individual and collective consciousness. These effects are now being formalized by industry leaders as Process Orientation, Integrated Media Communications, Customer Focused Organization, Collaboration, Permission Marketing, Community Building, Distance Learning, even Web 2.0 ... there are more to come in the new millennium.

These articles originally appeared in “the Script,“ the Houston Chapter MCA-I Newsletter, May 1995

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Kenan presents Lectures & Seminars about “Making Sense in the Information Age.“

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