Kenan Doyle Branam
Media Consultant / Coach / Presenter / Producer
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“Any job worth doing, is worth doing well. ” - My father, J.M. Branam

I started my long career in media in high school as a cameraman in the local broadcast television station in Tyler, Texas. Through out my long career in broadcast television production, advertising agency client service, corporate communications, point of sale training, and even documentary and music video work, I have been a careful watcher and analyzer of media.

In addition to my media experience, I had the good fortune to be involved in a revolution in the American Psychological Association legitimized by The Association for Humanistic Psychology. In the seventies and eighties, I trained full time in one-to-one, group, and community training scenarios with some of the master teachers in Humanistic Psychology.

First of all, I am a philosopher, then an artist, then a media evangelist (I have a predilection for communications media technology.)


I apply my artistic skills and experience to creating the most effective approach to meeting communication objectives.

Video Producer / Director

As a Producer and Director, I have always been a confident project manager who is passionate about creative collaboration. I also bring to the table personal skills and knowledge of technology, accountability, problem solving technics, and personal creativity. I have worked with clients who were U.S. Presidents, Fortune 500 corporate executives, human resource managers, marketing department managers, technical experts, and front-line employees.

I have never missed an air date and never disappointed a client.

Web Weaver

In 1994, as the World Wide Web began to appear in the media news, I plunged into the New Media, wanting to immerse myself in understanding the Web and hypertext as I did in video. Growing up in video, I knew would be different than learning a whole new medium, but I knew there would be an art to it as well. Today, I work mostly on the Web. I have a vision that integrates Web technologies, motion media, and even interactive broadcast television.

I continue research in technology as well as experience design, information theory, future studies, systems theory, and cognitive psychology.

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