Kenan Doyle Branam
Media Consultant / Coach / Presenter / Producer
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Media Consultant & Coach

“In the information economy, ATTENTION is the monetary unit.”
- John Perry Barlow, One of the founders of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and former writer for the Grateful Dead.

In all Media, you have to Pay attention to Earn attention. In other words, Follow the Monetary Unit ;-)

As a Media Coach, I help you Work the Web, to Massage the Media. I want to support you in Showing up, being Heard, looking good, and feeling good about your Web Presence. What you get is Media Consciousness.

As a media producer, I help you choose the technology that best suits your needs and means: Your own domain named website, your own blog, your profiles on social media, and many more places you can show up . With my experience in creating custom web design: graphic design, writing content, and audio/video production, I coach you in optimizing your presence with search engine marketing.

I am a veteran in all electronic media in broadcast television, advertising and marketing, corporate communications and training, and now the Web. I weave your communications objectives into your media presence with a deep understanding of the personal, social, economic, and philosophical contexts. It's not just about technology. It's about the human experience. Media Consciousness is about how we create meaning and consensus reality through the Media "Massage."

Through venues of individual consultation, small groups of leaders, or with organizational membership, I will facilitate an experiential learning environment that actually expands and clarifies consensus perspective that assures coordination and creation though all media to achieve prime objectives, branding theme integrity, message consistency, timely and frequent distribution, and cost efficiencies.

  • Clarification of values, vision, and objectives
  • Crafting the message
  • Future strategic planning of media channels
  • Authenticity and Community building
  • Artistic and editorial direction
  • Project management and production
  • Knowledge management
  • Staff training in Media Consciousness and Integral Media for expert communications skills
Let us have courage and clarity in the face of complexity, agility for continuous change and growth, peaceful minds to sustain paradox, and a vision of all things connected.